Purpose of the Program:

  • The UAE Local Network has established the “UNGC UAE Youth Program” encouraging the next generations to hold their future employers and colleagues to a higher standard.
  • Our purpose is to offer a platform in which the private sector, international community, and other stakeholders become aware and embrace initiatives for the youth.

Added Value to the Network:

  • Creating youth ambassadors who will promote 10 principles in future places of work. Hence creating a demand-based approach to outreach. Once companies realize that UNGC participation is characteristic fresh graduates are looking for they will be motivated to engage; in order to attract talent and ultimately positioning themselves as an employer of choice.
  • A challenge the local network is facing today is that there are many opportunities to reach out to companies but often a lack of time and resources to address each one of them. Initially, most outreach sessions only require the delivery of an introductory presentation while addressing some basic queries. Youth ambassadors are trained to deliver an initial orientation session and then a position to help the local network in outreach efforts.
  • Today a significant percentage of the dropout rate is due to failure to submit the COP and when approached companies express that this is because of a lack of resources, time and understanding for it.Therefore, we launched the UNGC UAE Youth Program to train youth ambassadors on the Communication–on-Progress (COP) so that they may support companies that struggle with the process.

Added Value to the Youth Ambassadors:

  • Youth ambassadors will be exposed to different work environments by supporting companies in their COP
  • Through events and outreach efforts youth ambassadors will have opportunities to network with an array of companies
  • Youth ambassadors can add COP training and presentation delivery to their CV
  • Potentially receive recommendations from professionals they support through youth engagement initiatives
  • Eventually, through the program the local network will offer an internship platform for participants and youth ambassadors

Criteria to be a UNGC UAE Youth Ambassador:

  • Submit an Application
  • Undergo COP training
  • Support at least one company in the year with their COP
  • Execute one outreach effort