Latest News From The Realm Of UNGC UAE

DBWC & UAE Local Network Partentership

January 8th 2017 – The UAE Local Network has successfully announced in a press conference the fecund partnership with Dubai Business Women Council; the official representative organization for professional businesswomen and women entrepreneurs in Dubai   The partnership is centered on e

UAE Local Network & Societe Generale Middle East

December 14th 2016 – Advocating the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEP) Mr. Mahmoud El Burai Representative of the UNGC UAE and Mr. Richad Soundardjee Chief Executive Officer, Societe Generale Middle East have signed a local agreement to commit to promoting gender equality and em

UNGC UAE & Capital Club Partenership

March 1st 2017 –  Mr. Mahmoud El Burai & Mr. Daniel forster -UNGC UAE & Capital Club Dubai - have signed a potential Partnership Agreement to support entrepreneurs and local businesses to grow effectively and responsibly. Both organization’s simultaneously will communicate to their memb