UNGC UAE Local Network Representative


Our aim has been, to look at the future of the UAE with a strategic but optimistic eye. We have worked hard to shed light on the ten principles with a local lens.
We have worked with our stakeholders to understand what the categories and platforms mean Beyond the ten principles, we have embraced the sustainable development goals, which has been game changer.


Respect for the 10 principles is the bedrock to adopting the SDGs into business strategy, we have evolved to undertake other United Nations platforms namely the Women Empowerment Principles and the Business for Peace Initiative. Once an organization meets the basic standards of the 10 principles, they should use the SDGs to open innovative business opportunities.


As a local network what we do claim – is that we are a platform available to businesses, academic institutes, non-profits, the public sector and the youth – to find solutions together. We took a pledge to learn and teach and to focus on the next generations whereas where knowledge is based, superiority lead. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum said “The UAE has selected creativity and innovation as pathways to progress. The pillar of this creativity lies between the covers and pages of the book. So, open up new avenues of knowledge for them, and help them make research and curiosity a habit from the early ages. This will help develop a generation of scholars and scientists who will pursue progress and development.”


The idea is not to reinvent the wheel – the purpose, is to share and learn through the different expertize and great work that is happening across the country and internationally.


Over the year, we have created taskforces under the lead of our beloved and passionate steering committee. Each taskforce is mandated to put consensus into action.


Our focus – asides from increasing participation – for the coming years, will be to build strategic partnerships, engage the youth, build researches with different partners including government entities to ensure we as stakeholders – are all aligned. We take responsibility to unify the mission of the local network with the UAE mission for a sustainable future.

About Us

The UAE network aims to root the 10 principles and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)  within a national context. A leading platform for the development of sustainable corporate practices through collaboration, consensus and partnership.

The Land Department’s Dubai Real Estate Institute, was honored in May 2015 by the UN Global Compact to be the local representative for the UAE. Mahmoud El Burai, CEO of the Dubai Real Estate Institute is passionate about the ten principles and even more passionate about positioning the UAE as a best practice on the international map.

Today, we are the fastest growing network worldwide, celebrating the membership of 109 participants to the local network from a diverse background of industries, including both large and small – medium enterprises. Over the year we have enjoyed a plethora of milestones which includes:  Calendar of Events, The launch of a youth engagement program, Awareness & recruitment, the support of government, private sectors, and UN agencies.

We believe that our aim is to be the integral step forward in the sustainability movement in the UAE and worldwide.

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