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Home Depot Storefront

25 Home Depot Shopping Tips & Tricks to Save Money

Whether you’re tackling a major renovation or small DIY project, Home Depot has you covered. And there are tons of coupons, deals, and programs to help you save money at America’s largest home improvement superstore. Use these Home Depot hacks to slash your expenses on everything from paint to plants to lumber.
Thermostat Being Adjusted Down

How to Save on Home Air Conditioning & Energy Costs in...

On a blazing July day with the temperature in the high double or triple digits, it can be tempting to stay indoors all day with the air conditioner cranked up. Unfortunately, air-conditioned comfort comes with a high price tag. But there are ways to reduce that cost.
Men Shaking Hands Contractor Building Home Improvement

How to Negotiate Lower Prices With Contractors to Save Money

When it comes to hiring a contractor for home repairs or renovations, getting a reasonable price for quality work finished on schedule doesn’t have to be a nightmare. The tricks are preparation and negotiation. These tips for negotiating with contractors will ensure you never get overcharged again.
Buying Old House Problems Costs Benefits

Buying an Old House? – Common Problems, Hidden Costs & Benefits

Older homes tend to feature a charm and character you just can’t find in new construction homes. But they also offer their share of problems. If you’re considering buying an older home, read on to learn the problems you might encounter, how to solve them, and why it might be worth doing so.
Used Furniture Items Grouped Together

12 Best Places to Donate Used Furniture to Charity

There are plenty of charities and nonprofit organizations that will happily take your old furniture if it’s in good condition (and sometimes, even if it’s not). Plus, many charities pick up furniture donations for free. The hardest part is picking the best charity to donate used furniture to.
Lumber Stack Displayed Sky Background

How to Save Money on Lumber Costs – 17 Tips to...

Lumber’s price increase has some homeowners feeling the pinch. Fortunately, there are ways the lumber-seeking public can trim the cost of wood. These strategies for saving money on wood reduce the cost of buying lumber for home improvement projects and woodworking.
Reuse Centers Architectural Salvage Stores

How to Shop at Reuse Centers & Architectural Salvage Stores to...

One way to cut home improvement costs is to shop at reuse centers and architectural salvage stores, which sell salvage and surplus home construction materials at a fraction of their retail cost. The savings can be substantial. But it’s not right for everyone.
Garage Sale Tips

How to Have a Successful Garage Sale – Ultimate Guide

Planning and pulling off a profitable garage sale doesn't require a marketing degree or MBA. You'll earn more and stress less when you follow this straightforward four-step process for garage sale success.
Spring Cleaning Save Money

12 Ways to Save on Spring Cleaning Costs – Tips &...

The arrival of spring heralds the season of cleaning. It can be a therapeutic activity that leaves you feeling lighter and your home fresher. But if you’re not careful, it can also lighten your wallet. That’s why it’s crucial to follow these tips to save money anywhere and everywhere you can.
Craigslist Selling Tips

How to Sell Your Stuff on Craigslist Successfully (2021 Guide)

Selling used items on Craigslist isn’t as simple as snapping a blurry photo with your smartphone and throwing the listing online. There are rules for success that help you get the most out of your old stuff. Here are some Craigslist selling tips for how to sell your stuff successfully on Craigslist.
How To Save Pottery Barn

16 Best Ways to Save Money at Pottery Barn in 2021...

Pottery Barn is best known for its upscale products and stunning floor displays. But you don’t have to pay full price just because a store is stylish. Many money-saving Pottery Barn hacks can help you make your next home furnishings upgrade affordable without sacrificing quality.
Home Improvement Wrench Green Grass

Green Energy Tax Credits for Home Improvement & Energy Efficiency

Minor efficiency upgrades are a fast, easy, and effective way to save money on utilities. But they don't permanently improve your home's ability to retain warm or cool air. Fortunately, these government tax credits and incentives can offset the cost of residential green energy projects.